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Check out procedures and policies...
    To purchase an item or ask a question please email us at seven4racing@aol.com or give us a call at (828) 577-3366. 
US customers:
    We accept checks, money orders, credit cards, and Paypal.  If you prefer to pay online we will email you a Paypal invoice, for credit card payments, a phone call is probably the easiest.
    We use USPS, UPS most of the time, however Fed-ex is possible depending on the size of the package.  Unless we are racing or out of town, shipments go out within 3 days.
United Kingdom, Europe, Australia...
    We accept credit cards and Paypal (www.paypal.com).   If you prefer to pay online I will email you a Paypal invoice.  For credit cards, you can email the information directly to me or give me a call  (US...828-577-3366)
For international shipping we generally use United States Poastal Service (USPS)   I will provide a shipping quote with your invoice total.
    USPS first class international, least expensive but unable to insure package.  Can be tracked with customs tracking number. 
 Delivery time to your country is generally 5-10 days, however depending on the receiving countries import and customs policies delays may be experienced.  So far Italian customs is the most frustrating...packages delayed for several months (for no apparent reason)
    USPS Priority international, more expensive, insurable, easier to track, seems customs generally doesn't hold the package as long.
shipping comparison,... 2 pound pakage to the United Kingdom
    First class international,            $16.90 usd
    Priority international...............    $29.75 usd















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